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416-406-2869 ext.35

L’Arche Toronto Sol Express  - August 2022 CNE Chair Collaboration 

With our chairs we explored the gifts of diversity, each of us similar, yet unique. We think of the end of summer, with the warmth of the day through to the cooler nights, and our human need for balance and contrast. Our creative arts stream explored diversity through portraiture, pattern, and colour. While our performers group added lines from our previous original theatrical works that made us laugh and think. 


We hope that you can also have the time to notice the details and reflect on the beauty of difference in both our chairs and the world around us. 


 L'Arche Toronto Sol Express is a creative and performing arts program for adults with disabilities that works towards exploring and sharing our gifts through creative expression. We strive for an inclusive approach to art in a variety of forms: theatre, voice, music, visual art, movement, and dance.  

Cheques made out to L’Arche Toronto Homes Inc. may be mailed to 186 Floyd Avenue, Toronto ON M4J 2J1 Attention: Development

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