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You can do your co-op or field placement with L’Arche Toronto.

L’Arche Ontario has been recognized as one of the top 50 employers by the University of Waterloo Co-Op Program.

Daily Life of an Assistant

The key to life in L’Arche is being open to relationship. Assistants and core members (people with intellectual disabilities) create home and share their lives together in households of eight to ten people.

Days are filled with the ordinary tasks of daily living: cooking, bathing, cleaning, laundry, shopping, accompanying people to medical appointments attending regular community meetings and events. Home life is the cornerstone of L’Arche. The evening meal, birthdays, and times of prayer are small but cherished celebrations that strengthen the bonds between people who live and work together.


Most people come with an initial commitment of one year. Assistants come with a broad range of backgrounds and qualifications. All new assistants participate in a program of orientation and training. Compensation, benefits, days away and vacation time are provided.

Photo of Hannah Rawlins, Assistants Coordinator and HR

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Hannah Rawlins

Assistants Coordinator and Human Resources

416-406-2869 ext.30

An Assistant will be invited to:
  • Be changed by your friendships with people with an intellectual disability.

  • Change your perspective on what you value and how you see the world.

  • Gain confidence and competence as you develop new skills.

  • Learn how to live and work with people who are different than you.

  • Have an adventure in living and learning that just might change your life.

  • Learn the importance of celebrating the little moments of daily life.