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Dear Friend,

You donate to L’Arche Toronto because L’Arche Toronto offers its members rich and varied opportunities for personal development, community building, and integration into the wider Toronto community.

Core members discover home, friendship, support for daily life, a variety of ways to engage in the community, a circle of support, and a sense of hope.

Assistants, who live side by side with core members in our homes, also discover home as well as a place to learn and grow, develop relationships and build lasting friendships.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families in the broader Toronto community discover meaningful, innovative programs such as Sol Express, a creative arts and performance program, and Trying It on For Size (TIFS), a life-skills coaching adventure that builds independence and creates places of belonging for participants.

Families, community members, volunteers and donors discover meaningful relationships and friendships, new energy in connecting to L’Arche values, and creative ways to support a valuable organization and mission – a community of joy.

L’Arche Toronto is so much more than a not-for-profit organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities. It is a strong and vibrant community that gathers together women and men of varying abilities to bring to life the transformative vision of L’Arche in Toronto.

This array of impacts comes with a cost, despite generous government funding. Many vital aspects of our mandate can only be funded through the generosity of partners like you.

  • Homes are constantly in need of maintenance and upgrades to ensure safety and accessibility. One of our homes is currently required to replace its elevator which will cost $30,000, and another needs to replace its 15-year-old common-area furnishings, which will cost over $4,000.

  • Every year, L’Arche Toronto provides leadership training, a fundamental component of L’Arche’s learning and development program. The cost of each training session is over $500.

  • Sol Express programming costs are not government funded. Regular programs and creative outreach into the community, such as performing at the Toronto Fringe Festival or exhibiting art at the Papermill Gallery, rely on donations and grants. Costs to create, rehearse and mount shows at the Fringe are approximately $5,000. Each year, close to 1,000 people come to appreciate the talents of individuals with intellectual disabilities as we take these productions and art exhibits to the broader community.

  • L’Arche Toronto’s annual community weekend brings together core members, assistants, volunteers and other community members for a time of reflection, sharing and celebration. These weekends can incur costs of over $1,000 but are an invaluable component of community building.

Join us as we work together to continue the mission and legacy of L’Arche! Make a contribution to L’Arche Toronto today.

Think of Patricia, whom we recently welcomed to our community. She had been living in very difficult circumstances, but on the day when we invited her to move into a new home in L’Arche Toronto, she responded with a YES that was full of hope. Patricia’s joy, fun and laughter bring an energy that resonates through us all.

As Rima, one of our assistants, says, “All the years I have spent in L’Arche have led me to discover that L’Arche is an amazing place to grow – not only by myself but with others as well.”


According to Joan, a volunteer and performer with Sol Express, “The group’s support confirms the importance of acceptance, non-judgement, belonging, friendship, and forgiveness – something we all need and desire.” Joan calls L’Arche a community of joy!


Celebrate your connection to L’Arche and partner with us to live out the vision that was started by Jean Vanier so many years ago. If you haven’t already done so, please consider becoming one of our sustainers, and make a recurring/monthly gift that will help to sustain our programs and reduce our administrative costs. 


Your donation will help to sustain our community of hope and joy. Thank you for making L’Arche Toronto a community within the community, working with others to create a world where everyone belongs.



Raphael Arens

Executive Director and Community Leader


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