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Dear Friends,

During the Christmas season, many people share heartwarming stories of Bethlehem long ago. Yet this year, our hearts and minds are with the L’Arche community in Bethlehem and the people of Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank. We also carry the L’Arche communities and people of Ukraine, Haiti, and other places of conflict. We are reminded that we are part of a worldwide network of relationships and that the mission we share in L’Arche is not only for us but also for our world. The communities of L’Arche bear witness to the value and dignity of each person and the power of relationships that bridge our differences – a sign that our world urgently needs.


Nick & Natalie with the daily news at the L’Arche International Federation Meeting

In June, we took part in the L’Arche International Assembly. With the help of Sol Express members Nick, Natalie, and Matt, and the rest of the animating team, we shared stories, art, and celebrations with L’Arche people around the world. We heard about the struggle to name new leadership for L’Arche International, and we approved The Charter of the Communities of L’Arche that names this “Guiding Insight”: “Mutual relationships among people with and without

intellectual disabilities transform us by revealing the unique value of every person. This experience is a sign in the world that all belong.”

Also in June, we opened River House, our much-anticipated fifth home, to respond to the changing needs of aging members who require a more accessible home.  We are excited to be a part of the vibrant and diverse Regent Park neighbourhood. This new home created five new spaces in our community to welcome people waiting for a home where they can enjoy relationships of mutual care, share their gifts and abilities, and find meaningful belonging within L’Arche Toronto and their neighbourhoods.

This year, we celebrated the 50th L’Arche anniversary of three of our most cherished members, Joe and Mary Egan, and Mary Jane Kelley, and the 50th anniversary of Avoca House, the first L’Arche home in Toronto. Much has changed over the years, yet the spirit of person-directed innovation that guided the once radical experiment of a “downtown” home is still alive in our Trying It on For Size (TIFS) program, Sol Express performing and creative arts groups, and our new Day Program.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

John Guido

Development Coordinator
416-406-2869 X35


Celebrating our 50th anniversary

We are grateful to our many “partners in the mission” - volunteers, donors, and government and community partners - who helped us make the dream of River House a reality. Your financial contributions enable L’Arche Toronto to continue to build a vibrant community life and develop a range of person-centred supports that promote social connections, meaningful inclusion, and well-being for our members and contribute to a Toronto where Everyone Belongs.


In particular, our Sol Express, TIFS, and Day Programs depend on your financial support to ensure that we can offer high-quality programs that respond to the needs and goals of participants at a rate they can afford.

Sol Express at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Here are a few ways you can make an impact today:

  • $1365 provides 2 months of participation in TIFS

  • $425 provides 1 week of participation in Sol Express

  • $61.50 provides 1 day of participation in the Day Program

Thank you for partnering with us in the mission of L’Arche in Toronto. Please take a few moments to make a donation at the button below.


We wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season and a wonderful New Year! 



Raphael Arens

Cheques made out to L’Arche Toronto Homes Inc. may be mailed to 186 Floyd Avenue, Toronto ON M4J 2J1 Attention: Development

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