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L'Arche Toronto Sol Express is thrilled to announce that they are part of the Connecting Canadians: Freshwater, A National Visual Art Exhibit Celebrating Freshwater

This exhibit is being held at the H’art Centre in Kingston, Ontario in collaboration with Kingston Marine Museum – October 28 to December 2, 2022 Learn more at


Sol Express Collaborative Piece Description:

Using water samples from Lake Ontario and Gloucester Pool (Great Lakes Basin), each artist created unique watercolour pieces. Each piece incorporates colours, patterns, texture and light reminiscent of water. These paintings were then cut into the shapes of lakes and bodies of water. Carefully, each lake was stitched together, signifying the powerful connections fresh water makes in our cities and country. 

Collaborative Piece Artists: Adrian Villamayor, Agnes Kenny, Aidanna Scott, Andrea Frizon, Annie Strain, Brandon McRae, Elizabeth Jordan, Ilana Goldhamer, Irene Pollock, Janet Munro, Katherine Newton, Kathleen Woo, Matt Rawlins, Maya Findlay, Natalie Breton, Nicholas Smith, Nick Herd, Samuel Ratzlaff, Sophia Shugart and Stephen Richardson

Individual Pieces (2 framed water colour paintings, 1 canvas)

Artists bio: All three artists (Brandon, Katherine & Sophia) are part of the L’arche Toronto Visual Art Technique session. Each artist reflected individually on their own feelings and memories surrounding water.

Katherine Newton

Untitled  2022

Watercolour (using local lake water)



Sophia Shugart  

Love for Pancake Bay  2022

Acrylic on Canvas



Brandon McRae  

All the Good Things About Water  2022

Watercolour (using local lake water)



L’Arche Toronto Sol Express Background

Since late 2007, L’Arche Toronto Sol Express has been working on engaging with the world through an inclusive and accessible approach to the arts. We are often looking for opportunities to connect with others while showcasing and bringing dignity to the work of our artists. 

We recognize that it is a privilege to contribute to conversations through art and often we find that these universal themes allow us to be connected with others while expressing our own unique experiences. We gain a lot through the process of creating together and are excited to find how exploring our own relationships with freshwater will inform our relationship with each other.

Cheques made out to L’Arche Toronto Homes Inc. may be mailed to 186 Floyd Avenue, Toronto ON M4J 2J1 Attention: Development

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