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When one thinks about the qualities of a good life that are important, many things come to mind! But after a pandemic, we can all see what is most essential.


If you have any further questions, please contact:

John Guido

Development Coordinator
416-406-2869 X35

From the start of the pandemic, maintaining our interconnections as much as possible was imperative! At L’Arche Toronto, community members and friends made numerous phone calls, came for porch visits and delivered home-cooked meals. Sol Express artists participated in sessions by meeting virtually, some every day of the week, so that they could be with their friends and continue their craft. Trying It on For Size (TIFS) participants took part in special online training sessions as well as met up monthly as a group on Zoom.

Core members in our homes benefitted from the addition of a day program assistant at each home to help facilitate activities and boost connections. Members explored their individual interests and went on to sew, garden, make ginger beer, create art and visit local spots when mandates allowed this. And didn’t it become evident that the benefits we get when we care for each other, support each other and have a role in each other’s lives are absolutely essential. 


The importance of having a vibrant community life, with a sense of belonging and inclusion, also became clear and showed that sharing life together can improve our overall health and well-being! There really is an ROI ~ Return on Inclusion! How much more vibrant, happy, and inspired all our lives become when we invest in communities where Everyone Belongs!

Please partner with L’Arche Toronto today to help us continue to provide the ROI ~ Return on Inclusion that L’Arche communities are known for!

Your support will help ensure that we can continue to create impacts that promote inclusion:

  • Homes with support and an active community life for persons with intellectual disabilities

  • Meaningful activities such as learning, volunteering, exercising and work

  • Improved skills and performance opportunities for artists with disabilities

  • A circle of support which creates belonging, friendship and inclusion

  • Skills that help adults with intellectual disabilities live more independent lives

Cheques made out to L’Arche Toronto Homes Inc. may be mailed to 186 Floyd Avenue, Toronto ON M4J 2J1 Attention: Development

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