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​​​Formed by and rooted in the values of the L’Arche Toronto Community, the mission of the Creative Arts Program is:

  • To provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to explore & share their gifts and stories through creative expression.

  • To explore and reflect on the human condition through inclusion and the need for community.

  • To influence people in how they respond to the gifts and challenges of difference.


L’Arche Toronto Sol Express was founded on intuition – a ‘gut’ feeling that the message of L’Arche had places to go. This same spirit of adventure and risk, and the conviction that all people have something to offer became the momentum that has manifested in the creative arts program of L’Arche Toronto, Sol Express.


Sol Express joins together the movement, voice, music, art, theatre, and dance of individuals with developmental disabilities into creative expressions on themes such as hope and belonging.

Due to COVID-19 all in-person activities have been cancelled.  However, Sol Express has gone online!  New sessions are available now!  Click here to register.


The L'Arche Toronto Sol Express Performers have been working on a project called "InBetween". Thanks to the funds from the Toronto Arts Council (TAC) we are able to ShowCase our work in progress... and it's only one week away!


You're invited to our Showcase on July 28th at 7 pm, live over Zoom! 


We would love for you to see what we've worked on so far. There will be an opportunity for you to give us feedback, which we would greatly appreciate, as we're hoping to develop this work further. 


Here is the Zoom link & flyer...


InBetween: Showcasing Our Work in Progress 


Meeting ID: 824 7378 3768

Passcode: 321

Find your local number:

InBetween - LArche Toronto Sol Express - 07 - 28.jpg

Accessibility: Open Captions, Audio Description, Closed Caption, ASL with Deaf Interpretation.


Image description: Promotional poster for INBETWEEN. In the centre of the poster, black text in all capital letters reads INBETWEEN, the word in parentheses. Below the text reads 'Showcasing Our Work in Progress'. 


Surrounding the title are six images connected by a piece of drawn red string. These images are a combination of photographs and drawings created by cast membersthat appear in the performance. 

Above the title is a faded image of jumbled words in various colours.


The bottom of the poster has logos for Sol Express, L'Arche Toronto and Lost & Found Collective. Below the logos, an image with text reads Live on Zoom, July 28 7:00pm. Next to this are the symbols for open captioning, audio description, closed captioning and sign language interpretation as well as text that reads 'with Deaf Interpretation'. These symbols are followed by the logo for Toronto Arts Council.

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You can use your Passport

Dollars to join Sol Express.


For more information on the Passport Program, please visit the Developmental Services of Ontario website here.


If you have any further questions, please contact:

Rima Kasbar

Programs Coordinator

416-406-2869 ext.31