L’Arche Toronto Sol Express was founded on intuition – a ‘gut’ feeling that the message of L’Arche had places to go. This same spirit of adventure and risk, and the conviction that all people have something to offer became the momentum that has manifested in the creative arts program of L’Arche Toronto, Sol Express.


Sol Express joins together the movement, voice, music, art, theatre, and dance of individuals with developmental disabilities into creative expressions on themes such as hope and belonging.

You can use your Passport

Dollars to join Sol Express.


For more information on the Passport Program, please visit the Developmental Services of Ontario website here.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Lydia Banducci

Sol Express Coordinator

416-406-2869 ext.24



The Sol Express Performance Arts stream consists of individuals witha  passion for performance.  Participating artists develop skills, consult with professionals, and explore the creative process through movement, voice, music, theatre and dance.


The Sol Express Arts stream encourages creative expression through various artistic methods and techniques.  The program is structured around visual arts and can extend to music, movement, storytelling, and multi-media works.



The Creative Expression program encourages individuals looking to expand their creativity.  The day consists of one or more of the following: rhythm, music, storytelling, movement, and art projects.


The Sol Express Studio Days are a time to deepen and grow as an artist.  We will support you to name your goals, to create a personal work plan to achieve those goals, broaden your network with other artists and to help you find artistic opportunities.  This day is great for those who have begun a path in the arts, are open to support yet able to work independantly, and want to go further in their artistic discipline whether it is fine arts, dance, theatre, photography or design. 

SUMMER (July and August)


The Sol Express Summer Program engages individuals looking to expand their creativity. The day consists of one or more of the following: rhythm, music, storytelling, movement, and art projects.

​​​Formed by and rooted in the values of the L’Arche Toronto Community, the mission of the Creative Arts Program is:

  • To provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to explore & share their gifts and stories through creative expression.

  • To explore and reflect on the human condition through inclusion and the need for community.

  • To influence people in how they respond to the gifts and challenges of difference.

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