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Let's Create a World Where Everyone Belongs.

Who We Are...

L’Arche Toronto Homes Inc. (L’Arche Toronto) is a community of hope, belonging and celebration. Each person is considered a gift and a contributing member of society. Founded on the principles of welcome and inclusion, we provide supports for daily living,  employment and volunteer placements, as well as a creative arts program, Sol Express, a life skills program, Trying It on For Size (TIFS) and a day support program in our homes.


For over 49 years, L’Arche Toronto has brought to life the vision of L'Arche, where people with and without intellectual disabilities share life in community with a wide circle of family, friends, and neighbours.  We help persons with intellectual disabilities discover their gifts and abilities and support them to achieve their goals for a meaningful life. L’Arche Toronto is a community within the community working with others to build a world where everyone belongs!

  • Make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, revealed through mutually transforming relationships.

  • Foster an environment in community that responds to the changing needs of our members, while being faithful to our core values.

  • Engage in our diverse cultures, working together towards a more human society.

Art Work
  • The Government of Ontario - MCCSS (Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services) provides funding towards basic structures such as staffing, however your donation will support important activities and programs that are not funded by the government, all of which contribute to L’Arche’s unique approach to providing care for adults with intellectual disabilities and fostering an intentional community.

L'Arche Toronto Homes Inc. is funded by:

Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
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Toronto Foundation Logo
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