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Dear Friends,


Social inclusion, connection, and increased feelings of well-being, self-efficacy and esteem are all benefits of co-living with others!

For close to 50 years, L’Arche Toronto has offered community homes for persons with intellectual disabilities and the assistants who co-live with them, creating safe, supportive, and multi-generational homes full of fun, social connection and friendship.


“L’Arche Toronto has given our sister, Janet, many opportunities to succeed and has given her a quality of life that has allowed her to excel beyond all of her and our expectations,” remarks Sandy Munro, brother of Janet Munro.  Janet, a long-time member of L’Arche Toronto, is shown with her friend Stacy and preparing treats for last year’s Christmas celebrations.


Persons of varying abilities living together, one of the pillars of L’Arche since its inception almost 60 years ago, is a viable option now being contemplated by many in our society. Instead of living alone or in a retirement home, people of diverse backgrounds and at different stages in life can co-live in a community setting that benefits everyone through the building of genuine relationships and mutual support. The pandemic confirmed that having connections built into our daily lives is a great strength of co-living at L’Arche Toronto.


As Janet says, “I really enjoy living at Gamble House! L’Arche means home, love and hope. Gamble House is my family. If I wasn’t living at L’Arche, I would feel lonely.”


If you have any further questions, please contact:

L'Arche Toronto Development

416-406-2869 ext.35

Currently, L’Arche Toronto is planning for its fifth home. This home will respond to the changing needs of current core members and will enable us to welcome five additional core members into our community. This fully accessible and barrier-free home, in a specially designed condominium unit in Regent Park, will allow us to welcome new members who have physical and other disabilities. As well, individuals will have the opportunity to age ‘in place’ longer with opportunities for personal growth and programming, in a community they know and love surrounded by a complete circle of support.  This home also builds sustainability for the future by increasing our community homes by 25% and addresses, in a small way, the city’s long waitlist for affordable, safe and supported housing for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Learn more at



Another way we are responding to the changing needs of core members and others in the community is by redesigning our day program to be available to more people, as many programs have not reopened since COVID-19 or have opened at a greatly reduced capacity, causing isolation for some.

Your partnership with L’Arche Toronto will help us continue to provide community homes with a range of supports, opportunities and connections that promote health and wellbeing. It will also help us maintain and build upon our person-centered approach in the homes, at the Gathering Place, and in the community so that needs and goals are met.

Here are a few ways your donation can make an impact today:


  • $1,300 will provide a full week of day programs in two homes

  • $500 will help provide specialized transportation to appointments or programs

  • $200 will provide one-to-one or small group programming for a day in one of our homes

Thank you for partnering with us to carry out the mission of L’Arche. Please take a few moments to make a donation at the button below.


We wish you all the very best, a safe and healthy holiday season and a truly wonderful New Year! 




Raphael Arens

Executive Director and Community Leader

Cheques made out to L’Arche Toronto Homes Inc. may be mailed to 186 Floyd Avenue, Toronto ON M4J 2J1 Attention: Development

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